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The Adventures of Guille and Belinda

My entire childhood was documented on video by my aunt. Captured soundlessly on a vintage camcorder are those first years where I’m wobbling around on shaky legs in a big world without sound. Years 4-6 still make me cringe when I’m forced to listen back to my mini self and her slurred and screechy speech. The really awkward moments still live on with a push of a button. On any given day, it’s the early 90’s and my prepubescent self sits perched on my grandparent’s back porch, the sun is out and I’m wearing my pink and green neon BodyGear bathing suit. My lanky limbs, looking too big for my tiny torso, speak of boredom with my sulky body language.

When I first came across Alessandra Sanguinetti‘s photography series The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams, it reminded me a lot of my own evolving, fragmented moments that can still be visited. The series captures the playful and imaginative lives of two Argentine cousins over the course of a decade.






Alessandra_Sanguinetti_02 w640






The series has been captured into two beautiful books that I must get my hands on! It would make for a wonderful coffee table book, don’t you think?


(via sho and tell)

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