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Blue is the warmest color


Have you seen Blue is the Warmest Colour yet? I saw it last month with a friend  and I was blown away by the delicate depth of the storytelling!  I think it’s such a riveting story about love that is told so truthfully it hurts.  The movie was based on a graphic novel by Julie Maroh  which I didn’t know until I came home from watching the film and obsessively Googled the project (couldn’t help myself).


While Googling, I came across this wonderful quote by Maroh:

“…you asked me if i believed in eternal love. Love is something way too abstract and indefinable. It depends on what we perceive and what we experience. If we don’t exist, it doesn’t exist. And we change so much; love must change as well. Love catches fire, it trespasses, it breaks, we break, it comes back to life… we come back to life. Love may not be eternal, but it can make us eternal. Beyond death, the love that we shared continues to live.” –  Blue is the Warmest Color,  Julie Maroh

Spoiler Alert:  The last few moments of the film was so eye-opening for me. The idea that you can walk away from a romantic relationship brokenhearted but there is always someone close behind looking to follow you…



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