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Motherhood forgotten

A couple of months ago, Ken Heyman, an 83 year-old photographer, received a call from his former agent, Woodfin Camp. Camp informed Heyman that he had old photographs in a storage facility that was closing and he needed to retrieve them.

Buried amongst dozens of old boxes were hundreds of prints that Heyman had shot throughout his career. In one box was a long-lost folder marked, “Mothers”. More than 50 years old, the photos documented the diversity and parallel of motherhood in over 60 countries. Many of the photographs were done for a book Heyman created with anthropologist Margaret Mead in 1965 entitled Family which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize that same year.

The resurfacing of these photographs have made quite an impression on the web in the last few months. Many of which are being viewed by the public for the very first time.







Great story, eh? You can check out more of Heyman’s beautiful photos at




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