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40 Days of Dating, I’m in love with your blog

Imagine you and your best (cute) guy friend are single at the same time and the two of you want to try dating (just to see). Then imagine putting a time limit on your dating life (40 days only) while you both separately blog about your relationship — for all the world to read! Do you think the two of you would walk away as lovers, haters or brokenhearted? Good friends, Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh’s artificial dating experiment is the wildly addictive blog,  40 Days of Dating. To say that I’m in love with this blog is putting it lightly. It had my co-workers and I on the edge of our seats! The blog officially wrapped up last week, but if you haven’t yet had a chance to check it out, be sure to do so! I will warn you though, once you hit day 7 or so, all of your previous priorities go flyin’ out the window. Enjoy! PS: I love Jessie. I feel like if we ever met in real life, we’d be great friends. …

Life of a stranger who stole my phone, I’m in love with your blog!!

The Tumblr blog, Life of a stranger who stole my phone isn’t just good, it’s brilliant! The thief, who has been identified as a man named Hafid, stole a woman’s iPhone but didn’t disable the dropbox feature, so she turned his terrible (and hilarious) photos into a Tumblr blog. Get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh…. This blog started on July 28th and already has 12,000 followers! Hafid still has no idea that the world is watching him — ha ha ha. I just love his selfies. Enjoy and don’t forget to pass it along! S.

Thx thx thx, I’m in love with your blog

Blogger, Leah Dieterich‘s mother always told her to write thank you notes and so she does – to absolutely everything! Thx Thx Thx, is a daily dose of gratitude, while keeping humour front and centre. Brilliant? I think so. PS: I easily could have showcased 100 more of these thank you notes but I didn’t want to be obsessive. PSS: Bookworms rejoice: there is a book! S. (Via Cup of Jo)

I love blogs in a big way

I have a BIG fascination with blogs. I love how they are forever evolving, growing and changing day-to-day. I adore their organic nature and how there is really no such thing as a mistake (typos and errors can vanish on a whim). I love the connections you can make with readers and fellow bloggers from around the world – which when you stop and really think about it, that’s pretty incredible! I love how you can quietly observe someone else’s life, know their husband by name or can laugh along at something funny their child did from the stories that they openly share. I love how anyone can start a blog! I love how blogs are simply a living story that can be told through various mediums: music, pictures, words, videos that all fuse together to beautifully communicate your art. I know A Solo Affair has a column, “I’m in love with your blog” but I thought I should keep it organized and tidy by starting a page where they can all neatly live. I’ll be adding to it …

Otherwordly, I’m in love with your blog

Aren’t odd words just the best? Otherwordly‘s Tumblr blog explores an abundance of unique and lovely words. Sometimes Otherwordly explores words that are from other languages which can’t be translated. Other times, the blog  gives us words for feelings that we’ve all felt before but were unable to articulate. I just love these three: Sigh… I’m so in love with this blog. Check it out and tell me your thoughts!! Enjoy, S.

U.N.Y.P.L., I’m in love with your blog

I’m so excited to share todays post with you! When I first came across the blog, Underground New York Public Library, I easily lost 3-hours of my day –  I became totally immersed in this never ending visual library. Photographer and blogger, Ourit Ben-Haim has a fabulous eye for capturing NYC’s underground library while beautifully highlighting how each of us are connected to the written story. And the best part? When Ourit snaps a photo and the book title is illegible, her followers help her to hunt down the title of the book – how amazing is that?! I always carry a book with me on my morning commute and can often be seen laughing quietly to myself or, (God, I can’t believe I’m admitting this) being a nosey bookworm and reading over my neighbours shoulder! While reading this book on the subway the other day, I actually laughed so hard that I started crying! Be sure to check out U.N.Y.P.L. and tell me your thoughts! I’m betting it’ll turn into one of your favourite bookmarks. S.

Cubicle Refugee, I’m in love with your blog

Pictures are a big component to my blog. I believe that the visual element to any written blog is just as important as the words on the screen, together creating a well-rounded story. In between breaks from writing, I often find myself unconsciously navigating to Cubicle Refugee. Each day visual blogger, Jen highlights a different tone and colour and somehow, without words, she depicts the essence of storytelling. Check out Jen’s blog and tell me your thoughts! I think you’re gonna love it. Also, don’t ya think Cubicle Refugee is a bad-ass name for a blog? S.

Linds Redding, I’m in love with your blog

A lot of blogs aren’t well written or even thought provoking. It seems these days, everyone thinks they are a writer – not that anything is wrong with that – but when you are a writer, an artist or a conceptual thinker of any kind, you’re constantly seeking out people, media, books, art, music, etc. that will give you your fill, let you scratch your creative itch, so to speak and most importantly, inspire you to do the art you do best. I actually found Linds Redding’s blog by chance off a LinkedIn news feed and I immediately recognized its brilliance. There is a great article in Ad Age that highlights his famous blog post, A Short Lesson in Perspective, that you can read to get the gist of it, but I would recommend reading the entire blog entry on your own  – and don’t skim it either – read it slowly and let it sink in. Linds Redding, an art director in advertising, died this year, which in a way (however morbid) makes his words a little bit stronger. His …

I’m in love with your blog

I love blogs and when I stumble upon a new one – I devour it entirely. I go back to the very first post so I can gather the whole story. I think I’m going to start a weekly blog post highlighting all the blogs that I’m currently having a relationship with. Whatdoyathink? First up: Eyebulbs, a blog by poet SJ from Baltimore – she’s always producing great work!  I’m totally diggin’ her Index Card Series right now. Check out her work and let me know what you think.  S.