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Cats wearing tights!!!

When a friend sent me a link of cats wearing tights last week, I was totally unprepared for what I was about to witness. In fact, I was drinking (hot) coffee when I opened up the email and laughed so hard that I *almost* shot coffee out of my nose. Now, I will admit to the internet that, yes, I am one of those “crazy” people that thoroughly enjoys watching stupidly (cute) cat videos on YouTube for endless hours  — but this my friends, THIS TAKES THE CAKE! Go ahead and check out some more hilarious photos here. And of course, you must check out Instagram! #catsintights PS: Don’t be surprise if #Noahbalboah (yes, he has his own #) starts borrowing my tights and posting selfies on my Instagram soon. S.

Parents and technology

A couple of weeks ago while visiting with my parents, I came across, 24 Texts You Don’t Want to Get From Your Parents, and I read them out loud while we were drinking our morning coffee together. The funniest part wasn’t necessarily the texts but my parents reaction to them, “Stephanie, I don’t get it?”, “Explain why that’s funny!” — which just made me laugh even harder. Of course my mother was a bit upset, “You kids just looove making fun of your parents on the INTERNET!!”. Then I asked each of them to pose for a picture for my blog and this is what I got: I even used my father’s famous line that he used to use on my brother and I when we were kids, demanding to take our picture, “Murray! Straighten up! It’s for posterity!” No such luck. S.

That just happened…

Are you a hummer? I hum all the time – especially when I’m alone, focusing on a task or when I’m out in public, living electrically in my own head. At times, I could hum for several minutes and not even notice that I’m doing it (as an old roommate brought to my attention –  I think it drove her crazy). The strange part is, I unconsciously hum the most ridiculous song and it’s been going on for as long as I can remember! A couple of weeks ago, I was at the grocery store perusing the vegetable and fruit section –  humming the Indiana Jones theme song – when I heard someone else join in! I immediately snapped out of my Indy trance, looked to my right and saw the most attractive man smiling and humming. I burst into a nervous cackle and then proceeded to turn bright red! My words completely failed me and all I could do was quickly bag the kale I held in my shaking hands and speed walk to the cashier, where of course, I stood in the worlds …