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First Kiss by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva

There is something very human about First Kiss, a viral video by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva.  Maybe it’s part anticipation and part vulnerability in which the viewer is able to experience and take in from both kissers that has made this video spread like wildfire in a mere 24 hours. Personally, I love how purely awkward the whole thing is (I was grinning and blushing the entire time). It really reminds you that when it comes to being intimate for the first time (stranger or not) that space of exposure is not easily escaped by either party — and that’s kinda great, right? S.

Cats wearing tights!!!

When a friend sent me a link of cats wearing tights last week, I was totally unprepared for what I was about to witness. In fact, I was drinking (hot) coffee when I opened up the email and laughed so hard that I *almost* shot coffee out of my nose. Now, I will admit to the internet that, yes, I am one of those “crazy” people that thoroughly enjoys watching stupidly (cute) cat videos on YouTube for endless hours  — but this my friends, THIS TAKES THE CAKE! Go ahead and check out some more hilarious photos here. And of course, you must check out Instagram! #catsintights PS: Don’t be surprise if #Noahbalboah (yes, he has his own #) starts borrowing my tights and posting selfies on my Instagram soon. S.

Turn any website into a website about Ryan Gosling.

When I came across the Google Chrome extension, Hey Girl which literally Gosling-ifies your web browsing, I squealed with giddy excitement. Designed by Katherine Champagne, the extension turns every website you visit into a dreamy website about Ryan Gosling. With the touch of a heart button, Hey Girl will replace every single picture on any page into a beautiful gallery of Ryan. Swoon.    Tell me, who isn’t in love with this man? Also, this interview with Ryan Gosling talking about the internet meme Hey Girl put a big grin on my face. I just love his adorable laugh! Have fun, S.

Awesome people reading

We all know that reading is awesome but when we see awesome people reading, well, that’s just double awesome!  Check out the Tumblr blog, Awesome People Reading and tell me your thoughts. Some pictures from the blog below. James Dean reads. Robert Ebert reads. Jackie Kennedy Onassis reads. (Via Cup of Jo)

What makes us happy?

For me it’s pretty simple: -Cheese and a fresh baguette -Books & blogs -Good coffee -Fresh air -Music -Running by the water -Infectious, from the belly laughter Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce, a TED Talk by Malcolm Gladwell, is a brilliant thought-provoking talk outlining what makes us all happy. The talk touches on two key points that are worth taking note: 1.) People don’t know what they want! (we are all so very confused) and, 2.) Embracing diversity is the path to happiness. Malcolm Gladwell is a fabulous writer and speaker — check out this talk and tell me your thoughts! S.